Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your child - teenager wants to be MODEL?

Your child or teenager wants to be a MODEL? Or maybe that is your dream for your children. What you can do about it?

If it is just a dream of trying it out and see how it would feel to be a model - you can schedule a photo-shoot or photo session with a photographer. Go with a photographer that is willing to spend atleast 1 to 2 hours with your child and bring a lot of different clothes, accesories, shoes, ... It would be good if you also bring some make up with you and maybe have your child's hair professionaly done.

Explain to your child that you are going to try how modeling looks and that it might take some time but to do their best. You will quickly be able to see if modeling is something for you child or not. No matter how much modeling will suit your child you will get some great images out of it and your child will have a great experience.

What to do when you see your child's images came out great and you think that your child could be a model? First thing I would suggest is to go and try to find some modeling agencies and schedule a meeting with them. You can send some photos to modeling agencies and see how they react. Pageants are a great way to try out modeling and get to know the industry a little.

If an agency that you contacted thinks that your child can be a great fit for them make it sure you order few photos (atleast 8x10) from your photographer and create a photo portfolio for your child. Photographers mostly have their images printed by good printing companies and they may cost more then some cheaper printing options but it is worthed.

Most models - children or adults also have "presentations" cards with more of their photos on them (example above - click on it to see it bigger) ordered in larger quantities. Most of agencies will ask for those. You will have to invest in your child or teenager to see if modeling can be their career but no matter the result at the end this should be a fun and special and unique experince for you child.

Don't forget to HAVE FUN!

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